Tilting Skillets for Commercial KitchensHow can I incorporate versatility in my equipment lineup? This is a question we hear regularly from foodservice establishments regarding their commercial kitchen layout. A professional chef likely will say his or her most versatile piece of equipment is the tilt skillet or tilt braising pan.Tilt skillet or tilting skillets cook large quantities of food such as soups, pastas, braised meats, eggs and more. The skillet is ideal for hotels, hospitals and schools for their ability to prepare bigger portions of food evenly in a short period of time.


Here are a few benefits:

They can be used for most any culinary operation in the kitchen – sear, fry, poach, smoke, boil, steam, griddle, stew, simmer and braise.  From scrambled eggs to pot roast, the tilt skillet does the job.

Time SavingsSome models have a pressure component that provides even more labor saving cooking options for items such as risotto that tend to require ongoing attention. This can reduce cooking time by more than 20%.

Accurate Temperatures
Tilting skillets provide an even and precise temperature control that ranges between 100-450◦F.

Numerous Choices with Simple Maintenance
Easy to clean and maintain, several footprint options are available – freestanding, pedestal mount, counter mount, etc. Range in capacity from 10 to 40 gallons, with 30 gallons being the commercial workhorse and most commonly specified size. Available in both gas and electric models as well.

Safety First
The tilting action allows for smooth, controlled pouring of hot contents safely.

Reliable Design
The equipment provides consistency in flavors and nutrients in bulk production runs. The design of the tilt skillet allows for a more convenient transfer of foods to serving pans and containers.