Equipment Innovation in Foodservice

Throughout 2017, innovation in commercial foodservice equipment continues to focus on energy efficiency and throughput, a maximum rate at which something can be processed. Equipment manufacturers are constantly evolving their systems in order to accommodate for the high demand of increased production in the kitchen.

Today, several new platforms have been accomplishing both cross-functionality and productivity improvement for foodservice establishments. Here are insights on some cutting-edge features being included in commercial equipment:


These systems have individually controlled multi-cavity and multiple setting cooking centers that deliver versatility, flexibility and space saving solutions.

For example, the Lainox Naboo has a multilevel cooking system that allows you to cook multiple foods with different cooking times and the system alerts you when each one is ready. This innovative feature helps to prevent downtime.

Rational’s SelfCookingCenter equipment also has the ability to cook different foods at the same time while finishing quickly and delivers the food quality specified by the operator. It adjusts cooking time settings, moisture and temperature on its own – taking away all monitoring and checking off your hands.

Faster Cooking

Systems are allowing simultaneous cooking of diverse recipes, menu items or ingredients with no flavor transfer between the dishes. They also can cook impressive quantities of food in a short period of time with minimal footprint.

TurboChef’s double batch oven has two cavities that circulate impinged air up to 50 mph – creating high heat transfer and reduced cook times. Also features a smart menu that can store up to 128 recipes, 64 per cabinet.

Time Saver

Automation allows the chef or operator to focus more on bringing elements of service and presentation together rather than worrying about time or temperature.

Alto Shaam’s Vector System uses a structured air technology which delivers high-velocity, vertical air flow that optimizes heat for a more even cooking. It also saves on labor with no rotating pans or watching.

Touch and Go

Equipment controls are migrating to touchscreen, menu driven interfaces for convenience and ease of use – like smart phones or tablets. Below are some examples:

  • Rational offers ‘ConnectedCooking’, which is a state-of-the-art cloud-based networking system where you can connect your Rational unit to a network. This allows you to make adjustments off site and transmit any cooking programs to other units in your kitchen.
  • Lainox Naboo System also has ‘cloud’ storage where all content is always available to get a dish finished such as the recipes, process, preparation and cooking program. Its interface is like a big screen with identical functionality as a mobile device – browsing menus, creating folders, opening files and more.

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